Thursday, October 3, 2013

I love Cup Stacking!

When the kids saw Cup Stacking on the agenda, they got all excited.  No, it wasn't going to be speed stacking, although that is awesome.

It was Stacking Cups by Dan Meyer.  Such an easy thing, buy some stryofoam cups and voila.  I used it as an opener.  We brainstormed what type of units would be best.  I let them play with how to stack them first and then directed them how I really wanted them stacked.

I gave the groups of 4 each 6 cups and they got to work to figure out how many cups it would take to reach the top of my head.  I wanted each person to do multiple representations of the situation: labeled drawing, graph, equation, and table.  They worked in different orders.  Some drew me in my dress.  They got all the connections I was hoping for.  Great all around.

Here is so student work:

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