Saturday, October 19, 2013

MTBoS - Mission 2: Blog Post about Twitter

Is it Twitter worthy? 
Is it Facebook worthy?
Is it Twitter with a picture worthy? it phone call worthy? it email worthy? it face to face worthy?

I went to NCTM last October and heard Max from @Maxmathforum speak about all the wonderful things Twitter can do, so I guess I have been tweeting since.  He was a good teacher and a good salesman.  Thanks Max!

So many ways to share these days.  I try not to share them in all the forms above.  My current favorite is Twitter.  I think because for me, it is more anonymous.  I tweet @HHSMath  I did do a personal account but I never go there.  I just use the HHSMath one.  I mostly follow math teachers and general teachers to get teaching ideas.  I love that we are all teaching the same stuff around relatively the same time.  My school started after Labor Day, so I do feel a bit behind the game, but then you have all tried your activities, posted, and shared them.  I get to learn from you.  If I need an idea for a lesson, I throw it out there and crowdsource.  I love it. 

Twitter isn't blocked at school and I do have it up in my tabs so I can check it out when I get a quick minute.  I like to look for any interesting updates, pictures, links to news articles about cool math stuff.  Sometimes when I am working at home grading papers, I will have twitter open and reward myself with it.  I must keep grading until there are "10 new tweets" listed, then I can check.  Whatever gets the work done, right.

I also must remember to keep everything appropriate. Twitter really feels like I am open to anyone and feels really like Big Brother.  But, I enjoy reading and sharing, so therefore, I keep it clean.

I love that Twitter is immediate.  There is always someone up and on Twitter.  I like that I get email updates making suggestions for me.  I like that I get updates on my phone via text and email so I know if my phone goes off twice, it is Twitter and I feel important.

I love when something I post gets favorited or retweeted. 

I tell my teacher friends at work that Twitter is the best professional development I have ever been part of.  It doesn't make them curious yet, but I am still working on it.  I try sharing cool stuff I find with them and I give Twitter the credit.  I predict I might get 2 teachers to try it by the end of the school year. 

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  1. "I love that Twitter is immediate." Yep. That's the best part for me.

    Two is more than one, and one is more than zero. You go, Jennifer!