Thursday, January 18, 2018's the new September (#mtbosblog18 post 1)

My 1st blog post in the #mtbosblog18 challenge.  I challenge you to blog on the 18th of each month for the year 2018!

Our school does semesterization.  Some of the courses are only one semester long and it works for them.  For math, we are a full year long.  This means on Tuesday, Jan 23rd after we finish our midterms, we start fresh with term 2 and this means new classes, some new kids, and new periods.  So, if a student had me first term, they might leave and go to a new teacher or they might stay with me but have new classmates and a new class period.  This new term I will have 117 students - 53 returning and 64 new students for 55% new.  That's a lot!

In September I do a lot of getting to know the students from day 1.  Unfortunately, I don't have that precious time to repeat it.  I will hand out an index card and collect the new students' birthdays so I can add them to my weekly birthday board.  I will do another escrapbook like I did last year.  I make a scrapbook style page about me - pictures and my hobbies and then I share it with the class to make their own slides.  I love this!  It is a great way to get to know the new students but to get a chance to learn about the students who have had me all along.

Here is my page this year:

I am a To-Do list person and I love to check things off and feel accomplished.
Keep in mind I teach 3 different classes, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry.

Here is my list:
  • Update my canvas pages
  • Update for my random groupings at my VNPS
  • Make new Jan/February seating charts (I change each month but both are short, so 1 will do)
  • Make new email groups - this means looking through each kids' demographics to see if their email includes a middle initial (this takes a LOT of time!)
  • Print class lists and keep printing until day of because they might change
  • Copy my Assignment Sheet 11 for each class (Long term assignments due each cycle)
  • Make and copy my new calendar and syllabus for the new unit for each class
  • Make a new poster for the 2018 challenge
  • Update my Deltamath groups (I use this site for practice problems every now and then)
  • Put my old lessons away in binders
  • Make my escrapbook page and make the classes google slide show and share (once I get email lists made)
  • Organize new student birthdays
  • Replenish classroom supplies - new board markers, new paper, etc
  • Wash my whiteboards
  • Clean my computer desktop
  • Prepare 1st day lesson for each class, hopefully 1st week of lessons
  • I administer the AMC math test on Feb 7th, so I need to make sure I send an email to the PTA to get parent volunteers to help with that.
  • We have a math team competition on Jan 24th, so I need to make the teams for that and book the bus.
  • Figure out Equatio (first I have to find it. I know I have it, can't find it though)
Keep in mind this all has to be done while midterms are happening which includes grading all of my exams, analyzing results, and recording results, plus providing extra help sessions to students. 

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