Tuesday, December 12, 2017

MIRA snowflakes

I have had MIRAs forever and never put them to use.  Today, we made MIRA snowflakes in the 20 minutes after lunch.  It was a quick crash course.  It really ended up being a course in following directions.  We have used compasses before, so we were familiar with that, but the MIRA was new.

Here are my directions:

Here are Period 5's snowflakes.  We ran out of time, but if you notice, they all have 6 parts.

Period 6 has 29 kids and is very loud and energetic.  They did not listen to the directions as well.  You can see - some have 4 parts, some have 8 parts, some skinny in the middle.  They should be skinny at the edge and fatter in the middle.


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