Monday, January 2, 2017

Goodbye 2016 Hello 2017

Happy New Year!  I have been enjoying reading new 2017 posts on Twitter from #MTBoS and figured I should wrap up 2016 with some stats and set up 2017 with some goals.

On my blog, I wrote 73 posts this year!  Wow, I didn't have a blogging goal, but now I have one for this year... beat 73.  It did help that I participated in #MTBoS30 in May and blogged almost all the days of that month.  It also helped that I went to my first #TMC16 and wrote 10 blog posts about that alone.  TMC lead me to more great classroom activities to try during the school year and therefore even more blogging.  I am participating in #DITL (day in the life of a teacher) each month on the 8th and writing blog posts for that, too.  What will lead me to new blogging ideas this year I wonder?

I looked back to see I wrote my first blog post on 3/11/13, my husband's birthday.  I have written 198 posts in total, so last year was busy!  I do love writing, blogging, reflecting, and having a journal of my work.

On Twitter, I have 3870 tweets, am following 599 people - who will be lucky number 600?  And, I have 759 followers.  Thank you all!  I appreciate it!

I started keeping a list on my phone of the books I have read this year.  I need to do a better job last year.  I can say I read at least 18 books.  Goal for this year: 20 books.  I am reading Victoria by Daisy Goodwin right now and highly, highly recommend it.  I am not usually a history fan but this is so good.  It will be coming out as a series on PBS real soon.  If you liked Downton Abbey, this is for you!

Professional: I attended my first Twitter Math Camp in Minneapolis this summer and loved it.  I blogged about it 10 times if you want to read more :)  I plan on attending #TMC17 in Atlanta this summer.  I even jumped in and wrote two proposals - one on review games and one on my experiences with Vertical Non-Permanent Surfaces.  I attended MassCue for the first time this fall.  I took away some cool stuff from that to try, like Adobe Spark.  I presented at ATOMIC in CT for the second time.  Last year I had 15 people, this time I had 69 people.  I do like presenting and will hope to again in CT in December.  In November 2017, our New England conference will be in the town next to me and @TraceyZager will be the keynote, so I really want to attend, maybe present at that one.  I just took part in @Mattjmiller 's #DitchSummit where he organized 9 different speakers.  It just closed on Dec 31st.  I got to watch about 7 of them and picked up some nice pieces of information. It was a great model.  I really liked it.

Personal: I tried my hand at crocheting, but I think I will stick to knitting.  I am knitting my senior son a blanket which will take me most of this year.  I am knitting it while watching all 7 seasons of the Gilmore Girls.   Trying to keep up with some of my students but they are flying by me.   Still going to the movies each month with a girl friend from high school.  We do dinner and a movie.  Just saw LaLa Land, still processing it.  Not sure if I liked it, but am super looking forward to seeing Hidden Figures this Thursday on opening night.  I am reading a lot of books.  Just finished The Sun is Also a Star on @megcraig 's recommendation.  Reading Victoria now.  Ordered Tracy Zager's book.  And, I think Nightingale  will be next.

I have a busy spring with son #2 graduating from college with electrical engineering degree.  Son #3 graduating from high school.  He applied to 4 schools (2 in MA and 2 in FL).  He has heard from and been accepted to two  - Salem State, MA, and Keiser University in FL with a scholarship, so we shall see.  Son #4 turns 16, starts driving, and has his Confirmation all in May.  Son #1 has moved out and is working and going for his MBA, nothing new for him this Spring.

Exercise - I have joined #MTBoSfit and am on the spreadsheet to keep track of my exercise, mostly to get me through these winter months.  I am aiming for 170 hours in 2017.

#OneWord -  I have been seeing this on twitter recently and I am not sure what my one word for the year will be.  I am going on a run and will have to think about it.  I did see @mathalicious has a new lesson on the Jen Ratio about the number of positive things we are exposed to compared to the number of negative things we are exposed to and I need to read more on it because it is fascinating to me.  I try to be positive and I like this.

So...numbers for 2017:
>73 blog posts
>20 reading books
>170 exercise hours
3 conferences so far
and.... one word???

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