Monday, January 2, 2017

Alg2 Midterm Review ebook

We had a full day of school on Friday, Dec 23rd and I woke up at 4 am with an idea for an Algebra 2 midterm review.   When I went to MassCue this fall, I learned about Adobe Spark giving a voice to everyone in the math classroom and I came home and made one for a problem.  It was super easy and I thought I could incorporate it into a midterm review.  Our midterms are the last week in January.

I have two classes of Accelerated Algebra 2, with a total of 55 kids.  Originally I was thinking of coming up with 28 problems and then a different version for my other class on the same idea, but then I decided to go with 55 different problems.  I found 55 problems on the ideas we covered first term.  I wrote the problems out and did them.  I typed them all up into one document.  Then I separated each problem onto one page with the directions for the student and one problem per student per page.  I created a Google Slide that I will share with the class as a class ebook.  Each page will have one problem on it.  The idea is the student will do the problem at home and hand it in to me, showing every step.  I will check it over to make sure it is correct and hand it back.  Then, they will create an Adobe Spark voice explanation of the step-by-step process and upload their link to their slide, creating an ebook for both classes to read over, study from, practice with.

I will share the skeleton here if you want.  I am still debating if I will share the final project.  It won't have kids faces, just their voices.

Here are all 55 problems listed together.

Here are all 55 problems one per page for students.

And, here is the skeleton of the Algebra 2 ebook Midterm Review.

Hope you use it if you can.

Update: Jan 7th: My first student submission and he said I could share it.  Love how professional it is and the chalk board look:  Polynomial

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