Saturday, January 7, 2017

Gilmore Girls Math

I started watching the original Gilmore Girls on the Friday after Thanksgiving, like all day that day!  I was hooked right away and couldn't imagine why I never caught an episode the first time around.  Then, I realized I was in the middle of having my babies. 

I just can't get enough.  It is so good!  My teacher friend was going out on leave due to back surgery so I recommended it to her for her recovery binge watching.  We are competing to see who finishes first.  Easily, she is winning.  I also have 4 freshmen girls who just starting watch so it is fun to talk about it in class, but we are all at different places but we don't want to give anything away.

I have 4 boys so it is often hard to get TV time but I will watch it upstairs, downstairs, on my cell phone, on my ipod, while I cooking dinner, while I am baking.  And, I do try to do something while I am watching.  So, I am knitting a blanket for son #3.  I am calling it my Gilmore Girls blanket even though it is black, gray, and white and he is a boy.  It will remind me of the Gilmore Girls.

I am on Season 6 and I want to be done, but I don't want it to be over.  We are getting a lot of snow today and my trip into Boston was cancelled so I am hibernating.  I think I will type a few blog posts, knit, read, and Gilmore Girls it today.

I did get to think about how much time I have been "dedicating", not "wasting" to the Gilmore Girls.  I was first shocked to find out one season is 22 episodes!  Ah, the good old days.  I feel like one season for TV now is 7 episodes.

So, I did some math:  (not counting the most recent brand new Gilmore Girls)
7 seasons
22 episodes
45 minutes each

4 episodes = 3 hours
20 episodes = 15 hours
22 episodes = 1 season = 16.5 hours

2 seasons = 33 hours
6 seasons = 99 hours
7 seasons are 115.5 hours!!!!!

However, imagine how much time I have save in the commercial time if I watched it back in the day.

This is 15 minutes of ads per episode.
4 episodes = 1 hour of ads
20 episodes = 5 hours of ads
22 episodes = 1 season = 5.5 hours of ads

6 seasons = 22 hours of ads
7 seasons = 27.5 hours of ads SAVED!!!

Just like shopping at Kohls.  It's not about what I spent, it's about what I saved, LOL.

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