Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Speed Dating with Rationals

I love speed dating.  I have done it before and it is something I look forward to.  We did it today in Algebra 1 with multiplying and dividing rational expressions.  They each get a problem and a white board.  They become the expert on their problem, meaning they do it, check their answer with me, and remember their answer.  Then they pair up and switch problems with the person across from them.  If they need help, they check with the expert across from them, not me.  It takes a little while to get started as I make sure everyone has the correct answers, but then I can just sit back and listen and watch.

Great conversations heard:
"You can't cancel across" (meaning if they are both in the numerator - egads, no!)
"Don't tell me the answer.  How am I going to learn how to do it?"
"Take your time."
"Simplify your problem.  Simplify your relationship." (being pun-ny with 'speed dating')

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