Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Conics Projects

Phew, I finally graded all my conics projects.  I told myself I couldn't take pictures of them or blog about them (the fun part) until they were graded.  I finished that yesterday, so now I can blog about them.  They were great!  Last year was the first time I taught conics and I use @boblochel's project idea and made it mine here:  Conics Project

Last year I made a slideshow of the conic projects and posted it here.

This year, I tried a collage. I love the variety.  This happened naturally, just a few repeats.  One student was working on Iron Man and had his head finished.  He asked if he had to do the whole body.  I said no.  (I don't give them a set number of equations they must use).  He continued and did the whole body - so he had 277 equations!  They also have to find 2 intersection points - one of a conic/line and one of a conic/conic.  I don't teach the conic/conic system, they teach themselves.

Nice job students!

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