Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Multiplying with Paint Arrays

I teach HS math but I tutor a young man in 5th grade.  It is nice to be able to see what is coming up the pipeline and how they are teaching math.  He is struggling with multiplication and we are working on it.  I thought if he saw arrays it might help.  So, this just came to me in the middle of a tutoring session, let's paint some. 

I grabbed a paper plate, some paint, and pencils and we dabbed the eraser end in the paint to make little circles and create arrays.

I started by making a 3x4 and asked him what it equaled.  I made one more.  Then, I asked him to try a couple.  They I said, make on that equals 35 and he tried.  He was a little off but he was learning.  We tried another when I gave him the total.  I told him to use one that had a side of seven.  It was fun and I think he liked it. 

Here are some pictures.  Paint doesn't really erase well, so he is covering up one of his mistakes. 

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