Sunday, November 24, 2013

#MTBoS - Sharing is Caring

Here is the challenge:  Mission 8: Sharing is Caring in the MTBoS

And, I love Care Bears.

Plus, I am already doing this, so it is a quick, easy Sunday blog.  I think this will be the 3rd or maybe 4th of the 8 missions.  I had good intentions and thought about all of them, but didn't get to some of them.

I love sharing stuff I find.  I email it out to colleagues and retweet stuff on twitter.  I feel like I am my colleagues' own personal RSS feeder. 

I just shared this with Kathy, a stats teacher - love it.  I saw Fawn tweet it today:  Stats Joke

I shared the Simpson's math with Tim because he had heard about it somewhere. I told him I had an article:  Simpson's math

I am always sharing @yummymath stuff.  I love everything Brian and Company does there because it is so accessible to the students and well done.

I share Calc stuff with Sue and Chris - our Calc teachers - stuff like this: Chain Rule

I shared Justin's logic google doc with our Geometry teachers.

I am spreading the word about all stuff Dan Meyer, Mathalicious, and Math Munch to name a few.

And, I share my blog :)