Friday, September 6, 2013

Having fun getting to know my students

I was trying to find out who did this originally so I could give them credit, but I can't find the person.  I changed the end a little bit.  Autobiography

Today was our 2nd day of classes and the kids handed in their "autobiography".  I loved reading through them. 

I learned that most of my 14 and 15 graders have lived in our town for all of their lives.  Most of them do sports, a whole variety.  I have the accelerated math students so most of them like math. 

They had a hard time with the "write a sports play by play of math class."  This one was my favorite:

"He started with addition and subtraction.  He hit a homerun on timed quizzes.  The ball was turned over to algebra and they started to run trick plays.  He was confused at first, but then he figured them out and tackled every play.  He has still yet to meet an opponent that has beaten him."

They want to learn about: quadratics, graphs, calculus, sig figs, how to open their locker, and functions, LOL.

Here are two pictures about what they don't like about math.  Two different people in two different classes:

These were two more favorites.
And, one more: (what do you want to learn this year)

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