Friday, October 13, 2017

Linear Regression: Legos Desmos

In Accelerated Algebra 1, we are learning linear regression.  I had notes from last year to add more practice and Desmos Legos fit in beautifully on a shortened class on a Friday.  I love seeing the kids make their predictions, sketching their graphs, using their equations to make predictions, and discuss Legos.  Then, we clarified what y =0.112x meant - did it mean 12 bricks for a dollar or 12 cents per brick?  I extended it to the current largest lego set the Millenium Falcon set.  It has 7541 pieces.  We used our equations and came up with about $840, so when we googled and found out it was $800, it was a steal!  Some non-lego lovers couldn't image spending that much time and money on Legos but some really appreciated it.  One student was talking about his $3,640 piece Lego set and another asked, "How do you know how many pieces? Did you have to count?"  He said, "Nope, it says it on the box?"

Also, love the new Desmos dashboard.  I did anonymize the students and they were intrigued with their mathematician.

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