Friday, October 13, 2017

Discovering Proving Triangles Congruent VNPS

In Accelerated Geometry, I am trying to get the students up to the boards a lot to discover and Geometry is lending itself nicely.  (#VNPS)

I was introducing the Triangle Congruence Theorems and did not just want to tell them.  Instead, I had them in groups of threes at the boards with one marker, one ruler, and one protractor.  My notes to read to them: Triangle Congruence Theorem Lesson.  We practiced our notation as I orally gave directions on what to draw.  Draw Triangle ABC with side AB measuring this, etc.  We went through different scenarios and then compared all 9 displayed around the room.  If they were all the same, we concluded it was enough to prove them congruent.  If not, then it was not going to work.  We also practiced classifying each triangle along the way.  It led to great discussion.  I did not teach how to use the protractor, so they did struggle with that, but I helped and they figured it out. 

We came back to our desks for a recap to get the theorems in our notes and practice using them in proofs. 

I did this in three classes and it went really well.  It took me about 35 minutes to get through it all.

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