Monday, January 11, 2016

Thank you

I am a mentor in the #MTBoS Blogging Initiative.                     

                                                   MTBoS Blogging Initiative

I happened to have this blog post fall into my lap yesterday.  It fit the challenge:

I was at the gym, exiting my boxing class, when a young man approached me.  He said, "You probably don't remember me."  My memory is terrible these days and I am terrible at remembering names but from somewhere I pulled the name, "Jimmy!"  I was shocked I remembered it through the years and a beard and mustache, but it all came flooding back.

I tutored for ten years before I started teaching and I tutored Jimmy in math.  He was the middle of three boys and when he went off to college, I started tutoring the youngest brother, Marky.  I remember tutoring Jimmy and Mark would be off playing the piano.  I found it so relaxing.  We would have great conversations.

I asked what he was up to.  Turns out he has been an English teacher for 10 years and he didn't want to bother me at the gym but he wanted to tell me I inspired him to be a teacher.  Yes, you can bother me to tell me that.  I so appreciate hearing it.  It truly warms my heart and he made my day.  I said, "How can you have been teaching for 10 years?  I have only been teaching for 11 years."  I guess it must have been early in my tutoring time that I tutored him.

We caught up for a little bit.  I asked about his brothers.  Marky has three little kids, twins were born just two months ago.  The older brother has two beautiful daughters.  No kids for Jimmy yet.  I asked if his parents were still here in town and they all are.  The parents must be thrilled to have these successful young men and lots of grandbabies.

Jimmy said, "You used to love the Bare Naked Ladies, right?"  He was right.  His brother used to have a small radio talk show and interviewed them right after they broke up.  He told Mark he should email me but he never did.  After this meeting, I remembered that Jimmy loved Bon Jovi, LOL.  Seems like a different lifetime.

It was so good to see him and hear that he is doing so well.

This is why I teach.


  1. How wonderful! This made *my* day and it didn't even happen to me! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. this is why i teach. those warm hugs and winks we weren't even expecting! simple joy. boxing? like real boxing? just for cardio or do you really fight?

    1. Pam - I just box on Sundays for fun at the gym for cardio. It is a great workout.