Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New term - My To Do list

Out with the old term and in with the new as we have midterms this week and start our second semester on Monday.  For us, that means we have a new teaching schedule - for example, I taught Algebra 1 periods 1 and 3 this term, next term they are periods 2 and 7.  It also means some of the kids change.  Not all of them, but some in each class.  So, I treat it like September all over again, only this time, I don't have the summer time to get ready.  I need to do it this week. 

So, I started a To Do list.  And, it seems the more I do, the more I feel accomplished, only to find more to do.  This is mostly to remind me next year what needs to be done.

Add to this that our school hosts the AMC math test on Tuesday that I am in charge of and need to get ready for.

Given my exams are copied and ready to go, answer keys are made, analysis sheets are printed, reviews are done....

Here goes:
  • New calendar/syllabus for each class - for me through the entire term
  • New calendar/syllabus for each class - one unit for the students
  • New calendar drawn on the back board for February
  • New calendar written in my planbook (old school style)
  • New class lists printed (not written into my grade book (again old school style) yet because kids are apt to change, so I use the lists for a couple of weeks, then write in grade book)
  • New policies and expectations copied - for all students - needed for the new students, reminders for my old students
  • New seating charts - I change seats each month and I will now have a class with 28 kids so I needed to request two more desks for my room.  This is my first year doing desks in groups, so I needed to configure them a little different to fit the 28 desks.
  • New email group lists according to class
  • New classes into Canvas (our LMS) - will have to remove old students at the end of the week and add new
  • Clean out old papers from my files on desk
  • Clean out closet
  • Clean out email - oh that feels good.  I got it from about 500 emails to 52 in my inbox with ZERO unread!  Yep!  Gone.
  • Hang new posters
  • Post a new Sudoku puzzle.  I have a giant board and try to update it each month.  I don't know when the kids do it but every time I look it is complete and correct.  Maybe the elves come in at night and do it?
  • New lesson plans for the week - I like to be planned and copied a week ahead of time
  • Find conic cards - we are moving in our conics unit in Accelerated Algebra 2 and I have a nice set of laminated conic cards for sorting - found them when I cleaned out the closet
  • Print color coded foldables for conics - I do not do interactive notebooks but for this unit, I do have the kids do foldables the night before I teach it using the book and filling in the info - all copied and ready to go
  • Conics desmos project - printed.  I will hand this out on Monday and they get two months to do it.  I love seeing their final projects.
  • AMC test - have kids sign up, order tests, ask for parent volunteers to help administer test and donate waters, reserve cafeteria, sharpen pencils, collect math tools
  • Blog - loving #MTBoS's blogging initiative and getting to read so many new blogs
  • Read twitter for new ideas
All of the above is done!
And, now, back to grading......

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