Monday, December 21, 2015

Sorting Pennies before vacation

We are still working this week of Christmas.  Each year we sort pennies.  Then, we talk about the data collected.  Here is a picture of the kids sorting and then a picture of our dot plot.  I haven't remembered to collect anymore pennies, so I have none from 2014 or 2015.  I ask kids to predict the year that will have the most pennies represented.  Looking at the data, I ask the kids what they notice.  They usually notice the high and the low.  This class noticed it kind of dipped in the middle.  Then we talk about the HOW.  How would we find the mean, the median, the mode.  They always want to know how many pennies we sorted.  I hand out a random sized handful to each student in class.  In my first period class (not the one here), I managed to hand out exactly 300 pennies.  This class had less kids, but we still sorted 210 pennies.  Our oldest was from 1934!  The kids were working and it provided some good discussion. 


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