Sunday, April 6, 2014

Unit Circle for Alg 2

I saw this Unit Circle Activity on the web and decided to put it on my wall.  There was a day where one class had to take state testing the other didn't.  This was my smaller class with 16 kids so it was perfect.  I found some garland on sale for 79 cents right after Christmas - all four colors.  I printed and cut out and had the library laminate the labels and voila.  The kids loved it.  I think it is beautiful if I say so myself.  Other teachers have commented on it.  The kids use it a lot.  I did warn them I was going to cover it during a quiz.  Quiz day came and I had 4 industrial pieces of velcro and a king sized sheet up.  They were sad.

It fit perfectly on my wall.  We used duct tape to stick it all.

 The following day with both classes, we made it on a paper plate.  We folded it, color coded it and I drew it on the board. 
 We quizzed on right triangle trig and evaluating last week and they did well.  We are moving into graphing all 6 trig functions.  Tomorrow we will do an activity with cutting straws to graph the sine and cosine waves. 

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