Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Awesome Conics Projects

Here are some awesome conics projects done by my sophomores in Accelerated Algebra 2 at the end of our conics unit.  It was easy on my part.  I found Bob Lochel's Conics Project blog with video explanation.  I had the kids watch the 29 minute explanation video of the project as homework and then get to work.  I gave them little direction and they gave me such great work.  They had to basically create a picture using the 4 conics we just learned but could use other stuff too. They had to do the graph picture, the colored picture, all the equations (thanks @desmos!), and then they had to solve two systems of equations as well.  I didn't teach the solving of these systems but they rose to the challenge!  I am so proud.

It took me a while to take pictures, send them to myself, save them, find a slideshow to do this with.
 It took me forever to remember how to use picasa but here goes:

Picasa isn't working - check back soon.  Sorry