Thursday, October 31, 2013

Barbie Bungee is done for the year

I was able to do Barbie Bungee in my Accelerated Algebra 1 and 2 classes plus my class of seniors in Futures basic math.  I wrote about Barbie Bungee with Algebra 2 earlier. 

For my seniors, I wanted to extent it a bit, so we had her jump off our senior balcony.  First we had to figure out how to measure it.  Our only tools were 3 meter sticks and 5 rulers.  Off to work they got.  One went up and hung a meter stick up.  One stood below and reached the meter stick up.  Then another student added a meter stick below this one and then turned it for another, and they filled in with rulers.

It was 4 meters and 41 inches.  How's that for units?  So, it took us a while to convert it to centimeters, but we got to 506 cm. 

They went to work in two groups.  Barbie ended up getting tattooed in one group:
They predicted 48 and 51 rubber bands, pretty close.  Off to the balcony to drop them.  Of course, it coincided with lunch getting out, so we happened to have a big audience.  She jumped and was quite a ways away from the ground.  We went back and one group added 6 more and one group 10 more.  These were just guesses.  The 10 was too much.  55 bands was just barely too much, one less was perfect - 54.  And, the kids wanted to know why the math didn't work the first time.  We brainstormed and they figured out they may have made some tiny errors in actually measuring. 

A great lesson.

One students asked where I came up with these projects.  Blogs and twitter :)

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