Thursday, April 11, 2013

What I will do with what I learned from Dan

One colleague has called me already to see how my day went.  I was so excited to fill her in, but hopefully I will get a chance to tell and show her more in person or at a meeting. 

What I will do with what I learned:
1.) Share with my colleagues
2.) Share with my students.  I will try to start a unit or a lesson off with a Three-Act or a 101 question picture.  I could also do it in our 20 minutes after lunch as an activity.
3.)  Start looking for more math in my own world and take a video or a picture and turn it into something I can use in class that would be interesting for the kids.
4.) Have the kids start sharing math they find.
5.)  Have the students ask more questions.
6.)  Have the students make predictions more often.  They are afraid of being wrong, but the more I ask them to just guess, the better their math will become. 
7.) Update my diigo list and add some tags so the future me will be able to find stuff later.
8.) Check out a thing called Tangle.  We didn't have time to get to that.
9.)  Check out as a way to keep youtube videos in case they disappear.
10.)  And, start a google doc of my ideas.  I have a notebook next to my desk, but I like the idea of the google doc list is everywhere, in the cloud, you know. 

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