Thursday, April 25, 2013

Compare Linear, Quad, and Exponential

This is a sorting/matching activity to compare linear, quadratics, and exponential - equations, graphs, table of values, and domain and range.  I created it with the help of graphs.  Here is the link:  Compare Graphs Activity

The students cut out the six different graphs, six different equations, etc. working in groups.  Then they have a discussion and sort them and match them.  Previously, I hadn't been a fan of matching but it really is a great way to see and experience students' thought processes, especially while working in a group.  In a group, they are forced to speak and you can "hear" them working.

Some kids started with all the graphs and matched from there.  Some started with the equations.  Most left the domain and range for last.  Some used the y-intercept to help them match up.  I thought it was great.  Then, I had each group take one of the 4 group pieces and bring them up in front of the class under the document camera and present their process.  This was the whole class got to hear their thought process.  It was a fun opening activity and I think the kids really got it.

Bonus is when my teaching partner tried the same activity and was raving about it.  It is always great to get positive feedback.  She loved it and her kids did well with it too.

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