Friday, October 19, 2018

Alg 2 Quadratics - Check in #MTBoSBlog18

This blog post is part of a monthly blogging initiative for the MTBoS to blog on the 18th of each month.  Today is Friday, Oct 19th, so I am a day late.  Better late than never.  I knew what I wanted to blog about but went to see the new movie, The Hate U Give, and was too drained to type when I got home.  Guess what, I saw it again today!  Yep, same movie within 24 hours.  I took my 19 year old son.  I was so happy he actually wanted to go with me and I think it was important enough to share with him.

When I teach Quadratics in Accelerated Algebra 2, it is mostly a review because they have seen most of it in Accelerated Algebra 1.  I teach it as if it is a review, so it is important to do a formative assessment to check in.  I was out of school on Tuesday so I emailed a Google Form to my students for their formative assessment and then I could review their results and summarize it into a Google Slide to use for discussion as an opener when I returned to school.  At this point, we reviewed graphing and solving by factoring.

I have three classes.  These are the results.

1st question: Tell me what the Zero Product Property is.  We discussed two student responses:

2nd question:

3rd question:

4th question: This one was multiple choice with 6 possible answers. Most students chose one answer but should have chosen both.

5th question:  I asked if these were in standard form.  We talked about which ones worked and which ones didn't.

6th question: More discussion:

This was an extension of #6....

7th question:  This was a great one for discussion:

8th question: For this last question, I asked what they were still unsure of from the first unit which was all our family functions, graphs, inverses, systems, and matrices:

Thanks for reading.

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