Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Desmos Art Projects - Algebra 2

I have had my Algebra 2 students make an art project using Desmos for a few years now.  However, now there are so many online, I wanted to remove opportunity to cheat so we made a few changes.  I also wanted to use just tech and not paper. 

I used to have the students find a picture, drag it in and write the equations to make the picture.  Then, they would have to do out two systems of equations - one conic and non-conic and 2 conic intersections.  They had to print out their picture and color it, put it on construction paper and print out all their equations (usually 100-600 equations, although I didn't put a number on them) and then their algebra work to solve the systems.

This year, I had them make original pictures. They had to include some shading.  I didn't teach conics this year, so less emphasis on that although they could/should include some of those equations because they did them in geometry last year.  They did not have to print out the picture or the equations.  I created a google doc and had them paste their desmos link in there.  Then, I took their link and pasted it into my own desmos activity builder (with a little help from twitter - paste it into an equation window in the graph window. 

I did give a little hint at animating them but I didn't require it.  Some students did animate :)

I am very impressed with the results.

I found a rubric online and modified it.  Desmos Project.  (not remembering to whom to give credit, sorry).

Here is the link to my Desmos Activity Builder: Desmos AB Art Project

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  1. Thank you for this! Using it at the end of the year in my Alg 2 classes :)