Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Speed Dating 2017

I did Speed Dating again with multiplying and dividing rational expressions.  I have done it for many years.  Sometimes I go back and forth with whether to continue or not.  This year went well for one class so far.  My hesitations come from different speed abilities in the room, not that it is a speed activity, just that I don't want one or two students to be singled out as the slowest and holding the group up.

As a whole they were quicker this year.  Maybe because they are stronger with factoring.  They had their one problem ready for me to check.  I checked all 25 and we were ready to speed date.  Also, I did two groups, instead of one big one like I am tempted with a class of 20.  But, with two groups or even doing three, that slower student won't slow the entire class down.  It is interesting to see if it is one problem that is the hardest that slows it down or one or two students.  I also eliminated problem #12 because I noted from last year that was the hardest and taking the longest and holding the group up.  Here is the file.

Here are some pictures from today:

This one made me laugh:

And, a good way to remember the answer to your problem:

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