Saturday, December 24, 2016

All Good Stuff #DILT Post 6 to #WILT

Happy Christmas Eve!  It is 8 am, lots to do today because I am hosting tonight.  But, first, I have so many good things to share.  (Could turn this into a "Week in the Life of a Teacher Post #WILT - yep, wilting is about right, LOL)

I made some new scarves.  I got the idea from Beth @algebrasfriend to use Sharpie markers on silk scarves from then spray with rubbing alcohol.  So fun to think of how to mix the colors and draw the designs.  Also, so gratifying because I can make 5 in one day unlike my knitting scarves.

Here are some designs.

I gave one to my secret pal at school.  I call it Lilypads.

This is one of my favorite for my best friend.  I call it Flowers. Before and after the spray:

My other friend loves all black.  I had a hard time getting creative with it, wanted to add some color, but I think she will like it.  I call it Puddles.

All my kids were able to come home on Tuesday so we could go to dinner and see Star Wars.  Dinner is always a comedy show with my boys.  They make me laugh.  They will all be home for bits today.  Three out of the four have to work and Kyle has a job at the movie theater so he has to work 5-9, missing church and our party.  I am sad, but at least he doesn't have to work tomorrow on the Big Day.

I wrapped presents last Friday. Took me 6 hours.  I wouldn't say I love to wrap, but I do like the whole process of organizing all I bought, taking the prices off, putting the kids stuff into piles, finding the right box, and then wrapping them.  Oh, I have so much paper.  I will say I am not a great wrapper either, but it is done!

I wrote lots of letters of recommendations this year.  It is fun to start hearing.  I feel like I am getting in.  One student gave me these awesome Pi socks for writing hers and another came back with a thank you note and news that she was accepted to WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) with a $100K scholarship - Woah!

My notebook - it is at my home desk and is my To-Do list.  I like to put it all in this 5 subject notebook so I don't have a million sticky notes everywhere.  I have ONE more page left.  I was curious to see when it started....August 2007, crazy.  I could go back and find passwords and hotel reservations and summer plans, so much goodness in this thing!

We had five full days of school this week but we all survived.  The kids were good and we still did a lot of learning.  I started four days of exponentials and logs with my Algebra 2 kids and made them promise not to forget any of it over break, we shall see!  Yesterday, on the last day, we played board games.  I have a board game problem, I love them.  This is just some of what I have.  They are on top of a cool, free craft table I got from Facebook.  First time I have extended the sides, but it is awesome.  I love seeing which kids play together (or alone) on the games.  I like to see what they choose, hear which of them they have at home.  I feel like a games salesperson - "I think your group would like this game."  Othello, Connect Four, Five Second Challenge were popular.  Logo was too hard for most.  Happy Salmon is a new game a group of girls had a blast with.  Regular deck of cards worked well for Spoons, Spit, and Poker.  I didn't have chips, so they used my hexagon pieces.  The kids were instantly engaged and classes flew by.

I came home and had a second day of baking.  I do love to bake and dare I say I am pretty good at it.  Another thing, I love to organize and put thought into the best order to prepare so there is no empty oven in the process.  This took my almost four hours.  I had two doughs prepared the night before.  I also love to eat my own baking too.

So, the wrapping and baking are done.  I host the Eve, so we will go to church and then come back her to eat.  I have done all different things in the past.  They are usually simple things like calzones or lasagna or Chinese food because we have mass beforehand.  This year, I am doing all appetizers and cookies, skipping the entree.  We have two big meals tomorrow with a big brunch at my side of the family and then a big dinner at his side of the family.  I have 11 appetizers planned.  I guess I should get up and figure out recipes and start organizing that.

Some good things planned for break - I am going with friends to see a new musical on Sam Shah's recommendation "Dear Evan Hansen" for an overnight Wed, Thursday.  I want to listen to more of #DitchSummit (check it out, only open until Dec 31st).  I came up with an idea for an Alg2 midterm review I will work on .  And, I am going to write a proposal for Twitter Math Camp 2017!  (And, keep watching Gilmore Girls (on season 4))

Happy Vacation and Happy Holidays.  This was supposed to be a quick hit blog post that turned long.

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