Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Productive PD Day

We had a PD day today and I decided to go in early and get some grading done.  I went in 2 hours early and got some entrance tickets graded and my Disney projects done! Phew!  8 am now and ready for breakfast (provided, thanks!)

After breakfast, our math department shared what goodies we have been using.  It seems we are all so busy and find great things and try them.  Now, we got to share out. 

A new one for me came from my colleague, Lorelle.  She attended MassCue last week, heard about it, tried it, and loved it.

It is www.zaption.com It is another video site to use with students.  I know there are a ton.  I have used Blendspace before and like it.  I am about to start a new unit in my Accelerated Algebra 1 classes on Solving Systems. They have done some of it before - solving by graphing, substitution, and elimination.  In the past years, I have flipped these lessons and had them watch videos via Blendspace and then come to class and do a bunch of great activities dealing with systems. 

It seemed like a perfect time to try zaption.  I didn't have to enter kids names or create classes. I didn't have to print and copy worksheets.  I just searched the Youtube videos.  I can trim them, but I can also pause it and add questions.  In the Blendspace, I had printed questions out and hand them answer them while watching.  Now, they listen and watch the video, and it pauses and asks them a question.  They cannot advance until they answer the question.  I put in multiple choice questions.  You can add feedback with each response.  It is immediate feedback for them.  It is formative assessment for me.  I can check out the results before they come to class and see what I may need to reteach or refresh.

It was nice to learn something new, work on it, and put it right to use.  It was really easy to use!  I recommend it.

I recently heard about www.quizalize.com  If you like kahoots, you should check this out.  It is a little different and doesn't seem to have as many pre-made quizzes, but it is a team effort. 

My school day was done but I decided to stay after and grade my Angry Birds projects and I got them done too!

Had time to fit a run in since it was 78 degrees in November and it was all around a good day. 

Now to chill.

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