Friday, November 21, 2014

Who did it? A Radical Mystery.....

This was my favorite lesson of the year so far.  This was for Accelerated Algebra 2, sophomores and juniors.  We just did the lesson on radicals and are reviewing for the quiz.

I found a lesson on Teachers Pay Teachers and changed it so it was radicals and teachers in my school.  It was a lot of work to create the 10 problems, make them all work to reveal the answer correctly, and I was worried it might not be worth the time - would it be too easy, too hard, too short, or too long, but these are the risks you have to take to find something good.

I was so happy with how the lesson went.  Class was this morning, Friday morning at 8:30 am.  The kids were engaged and working hard and maybe having fun?  I taped all the clues and multiple choice answers around the room, so they were all scurrying around the room.  Me?  I was just standing there, watching.  They didn't have any questions for me.  It was perfect. They were helping each other.  The level of difficulty was great.  They worked for about 35-45 minutes on it.  Kids who got the answer first were then given the review packet to work on, but all the kids persevered and wanted to figure it out. 

In trying to make it work, there was one problem when solved had an answer of 8 (algebraically).  This clue answer told the kids the murder was by fire.  So, kids would confidently come to make and tell me the teacher, the place, and the method by fire, but they were incorrect.  Had they checked their solution, 8 did not work.  It was extraneous, so no solution.  Ahhh, back to the drawing board.  Maybe now, they will actually remember to check their answers.  This was not intentional on my part, but I loved it. 

I took some pictures of the kids working around the room.  We have a few things going on in school today/this weekend.  Tonight is the Girls' Powderpuff football game, so you see football jerseys.  It is also Keep Smiling day for Abbie (a sophomore who passed away last year due to an allergy - )  And, the high school musical of Singin' in the Rain is happening - hence the yellow rain slicker.

Here is the link to my lesson:  Who did it? A Radical Mystery...
And, pictures of the kids working:

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