Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A radical activity - adding and subtracting

Last year I taught simplify, adding, and subtracting to my Accelerated Algebra 1 class all on the same day.  They didn't do so great since they had too much to digest.  I decided to break it into two days this year.  We got to spend more time on the simplifying and they did really well on the homework.  I knew the adding and subtracting lesson would be short so I wanted an activity.  There isn't too much to liven it up.  So, I came up with this Radical Activity since I have these dice in my cute little boxes.

I knew that not too many of them would actually work out to be simplified or added or subtracted, but some kids kept rolling to make it work.  Or, they got excited when they actually got something that worked.  It was short and sweet.  The kids worked in pairs and had good conversations and cleared up some misunderstandings (oh, you multiply by the number in front of the radical!)  I think they enjoyed making up their own problems and then working with them instead of a plain, boring worksheet.  Dice make anything more fun. 


  1. The link to your activity doesn't work. Can you send it to me? jhofeld@harrahschools.com

  2. The link to your activity doesn't work. Can you send it to me? kcook@chickasha.k12.ok.us