Sunday, July 19, 2020

Making Videos for Remote Learning

I was asked a few questions about how I did remote learning with videos in Spring 2020.  It was a process. 

For some reason, I felt the need to build a lightboard and film myself teaching using Loom (not Zoom, Loom) so the kids could actually see me and see me writing.  It was about $100 for the materials.  I found Loom easy to use.  It already flips me so I am writing correctly for the students (not backwards).  But on day 2 of making videos Loom was having issues so I went looking and ended up at Screencastify.  That is how I did the rest of my videos/screencasts.

Here is my first teaching video with Loom and the lightbox.  Ugh, I hate to go back and look at the "early days"  This was for Accelerated Algebra 2, graphing Sine.  Video

You don't have to do that.  Don't try to find plexiglass.  I was lucky and bought it early before all the stores realized they needed to use it.

In the regular classroom, I use Google Slides, so I had to update what I would have used in class and in some cases make new slideshows to then teach remotely.  In regular class slide shows, I would just project the problem for the students and then we would do them together.  Now, in remote, I needed to show each step.  NOT so easy in Google Slides.  I had to type my problem and each step into a google doc (a PAIN with their equation editor, I am sure there are easier ways, but now I am used to it).  Then, I have an apple, so I would Shift, Command, 4 to screenshot the work.  (I use this shortcut ALL the time). 

Then, I drag these steps into a google slide.  I add a white text box over everything but the original problem.  Then, I slowly copy the slide, and move the white text box down to slowly reveal each step.  Again, tedious, but it worked for me. 

I could use this in Zoom class and have the kids work each step or I could use it in a Google Slide/Screencastify video for the kids to watch on their own time. 
Here is a lesson for Accelerated Algebra 1 on Dividing Rational Expressions with me using Google Slides and Screencastify to record.  Video

Here it is in Geometry.  I used this ppt with slow reveal to actually teach the lesson in Zoom class, have the kids working on the problems and call on kids for answers.  This video is on Volume and I did Dan Meyer's Popcorn Picker 3 Act in Zoom class and then practice problems: Geo Video

And, Pam, to answer some more of your questions:

I used my Apple mac book - regular microphone on the computer.   (for both Loom and screencastify)
For the stylus and grading in Google Classroom, I used the GC app on my ipad and a $12 stylus from Staples.  I bought a rounded end.  I wasn't even thinking about the tip but some people prefer the pointed stylus.  My writing on work looked like this with the stylus in GC, on an ipad.

Thanks for reading.

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