Thursday, May 23, 2019

Egg Zipline in Algebra 2

I did Barbie Bungee when I had my students in Algebra 1.  Now, I have them 2 years later in Algebra 2, so it was time for Egg Zipline.  We did this back in February, right before vacation.  It worked well.  It took one 60-minute period.  I had students work in groups of 3, I think.  In all 3 classes, NONE of the eggs broke.  It may have been too cushioned between the shell, the cup, and the cardboard box we were aiming for so I didn't get a mess on the floor.  So, next year, I need to adjust it so it is a bit more "dangerous".  Typing this quickly. Will find my Twitter friend who started this.

Egg Zipline link

Set up:

Set up 2:

Don't forget the eggs:

Make the basket:


Hard at work the day before vacation!

Student work:

Video 1:

Video 2:

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