Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Geometry like Garanimals #MTBoSBlog18

This is a blog post on Dec 18th, 2018 for #MTBoSBlog18 initiative.

Do you remember Garanimals?  I'm shocked. I just googled them and they are still going strong!  I loved them.  I loved that you could just match the tags and have an outfit.

Anyways, I have a new Geometry class this year.  It is College Prep Geometry class.  I also teach Accelerated Geometry, but they move at very different speeds and difficulties.  I thought I could just take my Accelerated and skip some things but go about the same pace, but I am not.  So, I find myself making a lot of the stuff specifically for my students.  I google a lot.  I use the MTBoS search tool. I decide what order and what content and then make each lesson.  I try to get them up to the boards #VNPS a lot to do discovery. 

One big thing is I decided not to do homework in this class.  I am so happy to say it is going really well.  When I made the decision this summer, it was very freeing for me.  When I announced no homework on the first day of school, they were shocked.  I did tell them if their assessment grades were low, they were showing me they would need more practice, and homework would come back.  I do assign Assignment Sheets once every cycle.  They are 10 problems each to practice for our state test.  This does have them doing math outside of class.  They are collected and graded.

Back to the lessons. I decide the best way to present the new material - a quick opener, a board discussion and discovery, or direct teaching.  Then, we have the guided practice within class time.  I make the lesson or notes as a Google doc and then I make a Google slide to match.  I screen capture tables or geometry pictures and include them right in the Google slide so students can easily follow along. 

Here are some of my "matching" lessons, discovery, notes recap, google slides.

This Google Slide was used to introduce our measuring tools with some notice.

This Google Slide was about making conclusions.  It pairs with this table.
I love making drawings in Google.

I'm not sure who started the idea of introducing Geometry proofs with Uno, but here is my Google Slide and worksheet.

Here are some Geometry proofs I printed out for them to work on at the boards in groups.  Followed by some proofs to practice individually back at their desks.

Here is the lesson on Parallel Lines and Angles Pairs with graphic organizer for notes.  We colored coded. 

Proving lines parallel ..  And, student note sheet.  More practice proofs.

Here is lesson with Parallel Line converses

We looked at all three equations of lines so we could then graph parallel and perpendicular lines.  They have very strong Algebra skills.  They didn't do a lot of work with Point-Slope form, so I focused on that one.   I made a Desmos Activity Builder to go with this.  It was our opener.

Board problems for graphing parallel lines on my magnetic graphs. Practice graphing parallel lines.

My lesson on Perpendicular Lines.   We did this worksheet which has an opener we started before we discussed graphing Perpendicular Lines and then one to do after we discussed the graphing.  And, matching notes.

Google slides on Triangle vocabClass notes, followed by some board problems.

Exterior Angle Theorem in triangles board discovery.   Quick recap in Google Slides. Note sheet.   Desmos practice.

Starting proving 2 triangles congruent, concentrating on writing triangle congruence statements - order matters.  Lesson.   Notes.

Proving 2 triangles congruent - looking at all the ways to combine S and A if taken 3 at a time.  Allowing about 2 minutes of class time to laugh as I wrote ASS on the board. Looking at SSS and SAS.  LessonNotes.

Proving 2 triangles congruent - ASA, AAS, HL, and the 2 that don't work and why.  We talked about what I call "Hidden Parts" that will help us prove triangles congruent. TableClass notes.

That's where we are now.  Thanks for reading!

PS. We didn't have school today due to wind knocking out the power.  It was a wonderful surprise and allowed me to get caught up before Christmas.  I finished my wrapping, finished my shopping, went for a run, met my sister for dinner, read a little bit of my book(Children of Blood and Bone) until I fell asleep and ended up napping for 2 hours!!!! I guess I needed it.  And, now I blogged. 

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