Wednesday, September 19, 2018

My September by the Numbers #MTBoSBlog18 Post

It is Sept 19th.  I was hoping to blog on the 18th as part of #MTBoSBlog18 but I was grading and tired and it didn't happen.  That meant I woke up this morning thinking about it.

With back to school, that means I go from relaxing with no schedule, floating on a peaceful lake to full speed ahead with the start of school, coaching cross country, and youth group.

We started school on Aug 29th.  There are 16 week days we could be at school.  I do enjoy the choppiness and coming back slowly.  Here is what it has looked like so far by numbers:
  • 16 week days
  • 11 full days of school
  • 9 days of classes (because we are on a rotating schedule and don't see the learners everyday)
  • 4 days off
  • 1 half day
  • 6 days teaching in a sauna due to a hot start
  • 4 hours of mandated teacher training to do
  • 12 letters of recommendation to write
  • 1 day of math team practice
  • 2 days of extra help
  • 1 youth group meeting
  • 1 youth group volunteering
  • 1 youth group host coffee hour
  • 1 cross country meet
  • 2 cross country spaghetti dinners
  • 1 failed SEI teacher test (Sheltered English Immersion teaching ELLs, so now I have to pay to take the test again and find time to study more)
  • 3 preps 
  • 1 prep is new (as it is every year. I have 4 pets.  I always imagine what it would be like to clean a house without any pets and fur.  I think it is like what it would be like to NOT have a new prep each year.)
  • Lots of Desmos :) working to incorporate more
  • 0 Algebra 1. I have always taught it in my years of teaching it and I am not this year.  I miss it.  I miss having the freshmen, I miss the MTBoS activities I built into like the catapult candy lab, the Barbie Bungee, a Disney project, lots of 3 Acts.
  • 3 Conferences this fall to present at and I need to prepare for them.
  • 1 book to finish reading before book club this Monday (Out of Darkness)
  • 1 college to visit today with my youngest son (UMASS Amherst)
  • 1 crown on my tooth
  • 1 surgery for my son, screw put into his broken wrist
Next week is our first full 5 day week.  If the heat and humidity stays away, I think I can survive.  Tuesday the 25th is my 25th wedding anniversary and my kids have planned a weekend away for us next weekend, so I have something wonderful to look forward to.

Today we have the day off due to Yom Kippur. Plans:
  • blog
  • visit UMASS
  • make chili for dinner to leave in the crockpot while visiting
  • go for a run
  • write an assignment sheet for Geometry CP
  • write letters of recommendation
  • put popsicle sticks in order for XC meet tomorrow
  • print out recording sheet for XC meet tomorrow
  • go to the library to renew my book
  • read my book.     (I hope today is like 40 hours long to get it all done).
 Thanks for reading and have a great school year!  Hopefully I will post again before Oct 18th because I have been creating some fun new lessons in CP Geometry.


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