Monday, May 7, 2018

Geometry: Teaching SA and Volume with a project

In Accelerated Geometry, we teach surface area and volume through a project.  I have not taught this class or this project before and I was nervous because I didn't know what to anticipate as place's where students may run into trouble.  I teach three classes in a row, so I learned quickly with my first class and made adjustments for my next two classes.

I did not create this project or rubric, but will share it.

I do like the idea because I am not just giving the formulas and doing worksheets.  It was hands on and fun.  Students had a choice between a pyramid and a cone and they really owned their solid.

We had two full days in class to work on the project and day three involved 30 minutes to finish up anything else and then a 20 minute peer review.  Today is the peer review day.

I will say project based learning can be exhausting because I was running around like I was on The Price Is Right answering questions and helping.

Most people chose to make the pyramid.  The students who chose the cone struggled with finding the angle measure but when they actually built it, it was easier to build than the pyramid.

The abbreviated version:
Day 1: Decide on pyramid or cone.  Pick some measurements to make sure to get in between the required dimensions for base area and volume.  Draw a scaled down, labeled net.  (Most kids did not finish all this in day 1).

Day 2: Finish net, draw a scaled, labeled 3D drawing and start building your solid to scale, using centimeters and my nice cardstock I bought (note: $50 worth for 84 students.  I asked them to conserve paper and they were really good about it.)

Day 3: Finish building. Write up neat calculation paper.  Each student gets 3 rubrics on their desks.  Then, the peer review.  Each student visits 3 other students' projects and completes the rubric and writes something positive and/or something to grow on.  They took this really seriously.  Class was quiet as they milled around.

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