Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Two Truths and a Lie: Quadratic Style

I did this last year and forgot about it, but then got excited when I saw it in my plans for this year.  I really like it.  I like that it is a good opener.  It doesn't take the kids too long to make or to find the lies, but it lends itself to good discussion while they are trying to create the truths and the lies and good discussion as they walk around the room to look at the other teams' boards.

We started our unit on Quadratics two days ago.  We did Day 1: Teaching Graphing of Quads - Vertex Form and Transformations and Day 2: Graphing of Quads from Standard Form and all the properties.

Today was 2 Truths and a Lie.  Almost all of the students are aware of the regular game.  I have 6 groups of students and give them each a quadratic in vertex, standard, or even one was in factored form.  I ask them to do the problem and graph out on a big white board and figure out the properties, then come up with 2 truths and a lie about it.  Then they prop their big whiteboard on my class whiteboard and they pick up an individual whiteboard.  When all 6 boards were up, the students were asked to travel around to visit each one and determine the lie.  Then, I stood by each one and introduced the problem as Team One's problem.  I ask for someone not on team one to tell me what they thought was the lie.  I polled the class.  Then, I asked Team One if they were correct.  I thought Number 3 might have been the hardest because there were a lot of students clustered around it for the longest, but it turns our 4 was the one that stumped everyone.

I really like it.  And, then more fun to follow with Desmos polygraph with each student on their own computers followed by Desmos Marbleslides - 2 kids to one computer - more great conversations and use of vocabulary.





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