Sunday, October 23, 2016

Adobe Spark from #masscue16

I attended my first #MassCUE16 conference this week at Gillette Stadium.  It was so cool to be at Gillette for a conference.  Our school even got to go on the field for a picture:

#MassCUE16 stands for "Massachusetts Computer Using Educators" so it was a tech conference, not just related to math.  I went for two days.  We had some great keynote speakers and amazing breakfasts and lunches.  Thank you #MassCUE16.  Nicely done!

One of the presentations I attended was called "Using Adobe Voice in Math" - Yes, Math in the title - so I went!  It was presented by Annie Mazur from Weston Schools.  Here is the description:

"In this workshop you will have the opportunity to explore the Adobe Voice app and learn how it can be used in a math class. Workshop attendees will be able to explore the app and create their own Adobe Voice presentations."

Annie teaches middle school math and showed us Adobe Spark as a free program to add voice to slides.  She showed us middle schoolers working through a geometry problem and explaining their steps.  Their voices are so darn cute!  She said when she first learned about the program, she wanted to do it a lot but quickly realized, it takes a lot of time to grade them.  Something to consider.

Then, we got to play Adobe Spark is super easy.  You pick a background theme, chose from a great variety of pictures, choose some catchy music, and type in your problem.  For each slide, you are only allowed to speak for 20 seconds.  There is no editing.  If you make a mistake, you simply re-record.  Then, you save it and share it.

I was missing two days of class in my Accelerated Algebra 2 class.  They just tested on the first unit and were moving into Quadratics.  I was hoping it was mostly a review but we were doing Maximizing Revenue questions which are always challenging even when I am actually in the classroom.  So, I went home from day 1 of MassCUE and made one.

 I found a good problem online.  It had to do with a bus, so I found a picture, chose a background and some music.  I typed the beginning of the slides, then I did the problem out step by step.  I did one step, took a picture, did another step, took another picture, etc.  Uploaded the pictures and finally added my voice.  Super easy.  I think it took me a half hour.  I like the result.  I put it up on my Canvas class site and sent them an announcement to watch it the next day in class.

Here it is:

Maximizing Revenue


  1. Very interesting, thanks for sharing! Are you aware that at about the 50 second mark, you briefly changed the price decrease from 5 cents to 50 cents? But then it remained 5 cents for the rest of the problem. Also makes a good calculus problem. I'll add Adobe Voice to the (long and growing longer) list of things I'd like to explore at some point! S. Lerner

  2. Thanks for catching. We will see if my students caught it. It was an easy fix. I went to that voiceover slide and fixed, then hit update and it updates anywhere I linked it to.

  3. Nice problem and video, thanks for sharing this. Your step by step walkthrough seems like it might be a big help to students who can watch it a few times until they get the process. Although you do refer to the graph, with my students, it would be important to sketch a visual to go with your reference. This would help to cement the understanding of maximum profit as the vertex of the graph, and would illustrate that the profit is less with any more or any less fare increases. Again, thanks for sharing!