Tuesday, August 30, 2016

T'was the Night Before....

School!  School starts tomorrow.  It is early for us on August 31st, but I am glad we are going before Labor Day and getting out relatively early in June. 

I think I am ready.  It was an amazing summer.  I had a lot of #mtbos and tweet ideas floating in my head all summer.  I was in my classroom for 7 days getting it ready.  Not 7 full days.  I coach XC, so there is that, plus we have had two days of meetings.

Yesterday we had a phenomenal speaker on LGBQT training.  It was two hours, but she was a great teacher.  She met us where we were through respectful and funny lessons and vocab.  We heard stories from two parents.  It was so educational.  I really learned a lot.

My classroom is ready.  Full of ideas from #mtbos and Twitter Math Camp.  The biggest change is my white boards for VNPS.  I have my plans for the first day ready to go.  (We only have school 2 days this week, so phew!)

Today was about those last minute details.  I wrote my calendar on one part of my whiteboard by my desk that the kids can't reach to write on. 

I have my copies made for the first two days.

I entered my students into flippity.net to do my random groups.  Cool website!

I put the markers and erasers at each whiteboard work area.

I invited my students to my Canvas site (LMS).

I entered my students into the textbook for passwords and usernames.

I have my index cards with one math problem on them.  As they come into class, they do the problem and find the answer for x and that number is their seat.  New this year, on the back of the index card, I will have them write their names, birthdays or half birthdays and then hang on a poster.  I tape the number answers to the desks, so all taped.

I had 2 extra student desks and a long computer desk that are finally gone, yeah!

I have to tape my plastic flowers onto loaner pencils in the morning because I left my duct tape at school. 

I looked at Don Steward's and Peter Liledahl's websites for some VNPS  problems.  Good stuff!

I added my 1 Second Everyday to my powerpoint.  It is a $5 app and I took a picture each day of my summer to share with my students. 

In my own family, I still have two in high school.  One will be a senior and one will be a sophomore.  They both made the golf team today.  Yeah!

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