Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Boston....get ready! #NCTM

No, not for the Boston Marathon that is coming this weekend.  Get ready for the Mighty Math Teachers coming to Boston this weekend for NCTM!  We are so excited.

I am from Hopkinton where the Marathon starts and our little town is getting ready for the big race.  However, I am getting ready to head into Boston for two action-packed days of Math!  I was a little worried about how to get into Boston over the two days but my colleague booked us a hotel room and sweetened the deal.

For two days we will get to listen to people with innovative ways about how to teach math, make it fun, make it interesting, and make it accessible to everyone.  Part of what makes is so good are the teachers behind the scenes.  One such teacher is Tina Cardone.  @crstn85 Check out her blog here: Drawing On Math  She has been crazy busy getting a booth ready for MTBoS #MTBoS.  I will be working there on Thursday and Friday to greet members of the MTBoS and to explain it to people whom have never heard of it.  To me, the MTBoS is all about sharing - finding great ideas and giving great ideas.

What is it?  It stands for Math TwitterBlogosphere.  You can check it out here:  MTBoS New Website  If you are going to NCTM, please read that website first.  It has so many great things to enhance your conference experience!

There are some amazing presentations.  I haven't decided my first 8 am time slot class yet, so many great options.  But, throughout the two days, I am looking forward to:
  • 137 Suzy Koontz with Activities with the Unit Circle (timely, I am teaching it right now)
  • 196Max Ray and Complex Numbers (I heard him speak years ago about Twitter.  He is a great teacher because he taught be in a very simple way how to get started with Twitter.  I teach complex numbers but honestly don't do much with them.  Maybe he can spice them up for me)
  • Quadratic Activities (teaching this in Alg 1 right now)
  • 357 Jen Silverman with her radians presentation.  Again, teaching unit circle and radians now.  I know Jen well from twitter and look forward to meeting her.
  • 363 Dan Meyer - can't miss him - I have had the opportunity to hear him speak three times now, but he is always fresh and exciting.  
  • 512 Hooked on Conics - just finished teaching it, looking for more ideas
These are just some of my picks.  But, wait, there's more!

1.) Come to the MTBoS booth for some cool giveaways and activities!
2.) Shadowcon at 5 pm on Thursday
3.)  Math Trivia at 7 pm at Central Wharf hosted by two awesome groups - Mathalicious and Desmos
4.)  Red Sox Game at 7 pm on Friday night where we math educators get to go on the field for Math Educators Day!

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  1. Sounds great! Looking forward to meeting you IRL, too.

    What are you doing blogging at 3:35 AM??

    Jen :)