Saturday, January 24, 2015

Barbie Bungee - 3-Act Style

Act 1: The Video

Barbie is going to jump off the senior balcony at our school with rubber bands attached to her feet:


What do you wonder?

Time to Guess: 

Act 2:  What do you need to know?

Here is some information to help:
What unit did we measure in?  centimeters
Measure balcony
Table of data
Our equations from class - using 6 rubber bands

Act 3: Ready to Jump?

Spoiler Alert - Answers below before you scroll down

Barbie Jumps with 31   
Barbie Jumps with 35   
Barbie Jumps with 34  

For Fun - Oopsie!  A Barbie Bungee Bleep and Blunder:  Video Blooper

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