Sunday, November 16, 2014

Busy, busy, just like the students

I coach the boys' cross country team - 56 boys on the team this year.  I am always amazed at how they well they balance everything.  Most of them are great students.  A lot of them are involved in band.  They are involved in lots of extracurricular activities.  Some of them have jobs.  Some of them do volunteer work.  Some of them have to watch younger siblings.  All of them have lots of homework.  And, yet, they find time to run and be part of our team.  Another season is winding down.  And, I feel like one of the students with something going on each night this week.

Monday...Relay for Life - 1st meeting of the year
Tuesday...I run our church's youth group - we have our youth leadership meeting to plan a few things coming up in December
Wednesday...Cross country banquet - 184 people expected and 25 seniors get to give speeches.  It will be a long evening after my busiest day in our schedule with teaching 5 in a row
Thursday...I am off to watch our high school drama group put on Singing in the Rain.  There is a lot of tap dancing in it.  I can't wait.
Friday...Is supposed to be the Powderpuff game (the girls playing flag football).  I have to work the chain gang.  Right now the weather doesn't look so good.  Hopefully it will get better so we don't have to postpone to next week.
Saturday....Date night with my husband :)

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