Friday, June 14, 2013

Weights of math courses

Perhaps I shouldn't be typing a new blog entry at the end of a long, exhausting week when I am all fired up, but here goes.

Our school has adopted the Common Core math program and gone to three levels - Accelerated (the highest), Honors, and College Prep.  The controversy of which I speak is currently Accelerated and Honors students are receiving the same credit towards their GPA.  This just does not make sense and that is probably why it has happened.  (note the sarcasm)

  Then, why would a freshman take Accelerated over Honors?  We are told they want to be challenged and not just boost their GPA.  Really, that is the thought of a 14 year old?

   I think they might be thinking more like this:  "I am going to get the same credit if I take Honors or Accelerated, then why would I bother with Accelerated?"  "Oh, you tell me that I will get to AP Calculus.  Gee, that is like 3 years away.  I am only worried about getting through 9th grade."

   And, why should a student receive an "A" in Honors class and receive more credit than the student who is busting his butt to manage a "B" in Accelerated?  Guess who is getting more credit towards their GPA?  The easy A kid. 

   Yep, it makes sense.  Must be talking about public education.


10 more days baby!

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  1. GPA calculation boggles the mind. I think colleges are dialed in though and look more closely at coursework rather than just GPA value. But then college admission criteria is a whole another ball of wax. Your last sentence sums it up well. :) Thanks, Jennifer.